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 Jando gone for a week

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Choco' Chip
Choco' Chip

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PostSubject: Jando gone for a week   Sun Aug 30, 2009 8:05 am

Just feeling that I'm slipping away with my school work and everything and I need a week to get organized again. So I'm gonna get my Dad to take away my Modem for me for a week. I might be in touch if I go on on the forums when I'm at school.

During this week without no Internet I might work on Jando and the Legend of the Dragons (Jatlotd) <-lol

cya in a week. (Coming back on the 4/9/09)

EDIT: Actually just not playing Maple till Friday. I'm also maple will lag like a bitch and doesn't come back till convienent?
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Jando gone for a week
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