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 TTITTF ~ Idea that I might continue with.

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Choco' Chip
Choco' Chip

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PostSubject: TTITTF ~ Idea that I might continue with.   Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:45 pm

The thing in the forest. What I've gotten so far.


Sarah: I rangeress the fell victim to Bigfoot but holds a secret that Jando wants to know

Nathalie: Sarah's best friend

Jando: A Dark Knight who has found the mysterious secrets of Naricain. Sarah is he first lead in quite a while. Little is really known about him, even by his closets friends

Lita Lawless: The deputy of NLC who finds that it her goal to uncover the mystery of ....

Plot: Something about the demon Naricain resurrecting and Jando having to stop it with the help of Informal or what not o-e Something that involves alot of Plotkai and umm.... something

Then again this is just something I've thought of and the chances on continuing with it 1/10. I lose interest pretty quickly.
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TTITTF ~ Idea that I might continue with.
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