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PostSubject: BALROG PQ   Fri Dec 25, 2009 2:39 pm

Well.... I read over that guide and thought that doing a balrog pq might be kind of fun (if not incredibly difficult)... For those of you too lazy to read over it I'll go over some main aspects.

Where it Is
-Talk to Manji and he will teleport you there for 10k (You could also walk there as its at the bottom of the map where it splits into the Drake/Tauro area)

How many people
-Hell of a lot... We'll probably need about 10-15 members of our guild to do this successfully (maybe less depending on how much damage we deal)

-Pretty damn high although it seems that level 50+ would be able to suvive

Possible Rewards
-White scrolls, chaos scrolls, balrog leathers, and special balrog and bain weapons (as of now)
*Balrog leathers can be used to make scrolls and equips from the Mysterious Man near the PQ area

At any rate... I think it's worth doing a shot as it seems like the rewards rival that of GPQing
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