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 Info About New Helms

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PostSubject: Info About New Helms   Sun Oct 25, 2009 1:58 am

Ok, I started out by looking at a youtube video of the fight against the boss that gives you the helm.

Here are the details of the party:
The whole battle took 33 minutes to complete. A pretty good fight by 2 Dark Knight, 1 Bishop, 1 Hero, 2 Bowmaster. Thanks again for all hard work.

Party Member:
xDaRKnlght - Lv.176 Dark Knight
HalibelSAMA - Lv.181 Dark Knight
BrandishForM - Lv.155 Hero
nelzen - Lv.200 Bishop
KirTeA - Lv.172 Bowmaster
tcp520 - Lv.179 Bowmaster

As you can see, it took 30 minutes for such strong attackers, that means the boss is much stornger than zakum, and just because its small, doesnt mean it will be any easier. So if you are planning on doing those chain quests in malaysia to be able to fight it, i would probably not rush into it, since it is very difficult. BTW, it has 250mil exp and 1 hour timer....

Here is the information ive gotten on the helms.

This one is above average, most vary from 16-18 on each stat

There are several glitches and bugs that have been reported so far from the boss part, so... yeah

Eventually, they will be more popular, later replacing the zhelm. Ive read that these helms are nerfed versions from MSEA, so the KMS versions were a lot better than this. As you can see, the stats are not much better than a zhelm. So unless you care about a damage difference you cant see, i would recommend not worrying about the quests or the helm until they become more common.
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PostSubject: Re: Info About New Helms   Sun Oct 25, 2009 5:28 am

dang.. id be lucky to even get into a party at 120 D:

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Info About New Helms
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