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 Final Ventrilo Tutorial

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PostSubject: Final Ventrilo Tutorial   Sun Sep 13, 2009 12:25 pm

First of all, Thanks Alex for the first one, im just going to clean it up and add to yours for this last one. If anyone ever asks how to use Ventrilo, tell them to go here.

First you will need to download Ventrilo, You can do this here

1. Now Open Ventrilo, you should see a window that looks like this:

2.Now Click Button (1), A window like this should come up:

3. Click on the New Button, Type in your username, and click ok, you should now be at the window at Step 1

4. Now Click on Button (2) from step 1, A window like this should come up:

5. Click New and type whatever you want for the name of the server. Then fill in the rest as follows:
-Port Number: 13295
-Everything else should be blank
-Click OK when you are done

6. Now you are ready to connect, A server should be detected if you entered the information in correctly. Click Button (4) and several different Channels should show up.

7. Double Click the 'Formalities' Channel, this is where you should go every single time you log in.

8. It should then ask you for a password. The password is: monkeys01, Dont worry, you only have to enter it in once.

9. Now you should be able to access the Formalities Ventrilo Server, Remember, you only have to set it up once, so do it right the first time and be worry free from then on.

How to change Hotkeys!

A Hotkey is the button you will have to press and hold if you want to talk. So the only way you can speak with people hearing you is to press the hotkey. So you are going to want to make it a key that is easily accessible and wont interfere with maplestory.

Click Button (5) and a window like this should come up:

Once you click in the white box, press the key, and it should recognize it, when you press OK, then that will be your new hotkey. Also, Uncheck that box if you want to, i would recommend it, so that when you press your hotkey, you and i wont hear that annoying "8-bit fart"
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Final Ventrilo Tutorial
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