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 3 Word Story

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Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster

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PostSubject: 3 Word Story   Tue Aug 11, 2009 5:10 pm

First topic message reminder :

Here are the rules:
-Stay Clean
-If you say something inappropriate, you and everyone after you will be deleted, dont ruin everyone elses fun
-Keep it three words, articles count as words
-You CANNOT go twice in a row at all, and you CANNOT go back and forth between two people, and you CANNOT keep the pattern of the same people alternating, and you CANNOT reply to this with something other than the three words. When we finish, ill type it up and possibly narrate it.

Ill start off:
In the sky...
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Choco' Chip
Choco' Chip

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PostSubject: Re: 3 Word Story   Sat Aug 22, 2009 8:45 pm

Can you make it paragraph friendly?
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Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster

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PostSubject: Re: 3 Word Story   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:09 am

-cracks fingers-

Tale of Hamtaro

In the sky, the clouds were full of chipmunks. They were holding a rail gun that smelled like iron, but thought it looked like a pink chocolate bunny so they ate cookies for eternity, The End.
TeeHee... But the story continued for some time. The Man Super Saiyan Bunny ate everything the chocolate bunnies killed, when suddenly something big and hairy ate a poptart that was full of holy grenades, and there were pancreatic juices everywhere along the freeway. I like pineapples that contain the kitty cats that devastatingly destroy worlds of Zulu nations with pie tins and shiny hats, along with dishwashers.
I'm so bored that I go play MapleStory for 90 hours without eating or going to pee.
But then hippopotamuses started to appear and stole all our precious muffins, but were intercepted by flying bunnies- whose toxic underchins fell on the pots and pans and holiday hams, with tangled garner and a cookie.
But the bunnies found a dragonball, and they made 3 wishes that would happen if they played guitar.
Luxray Uses Bite.
It's Not very effective.
"Its super effective", said Phillus, crying. But then lightning ate his pants.
"I break rule", said the pimple of lands afar. Then suddenly, a giant egret danced to the sounds of burning schools, and the cries formed ultimate happiness. Then the aardvark came in and went to Kish, and chewed on his face. But the little that girl had awesome sideburns (that looked like the Galapagos Islands) sat on the rock lobster.
This began to burn the city of the crayons, but suddenly, Lafonda went to Angie to seek the teeth she had, and ate male breast milk. However, Lafonda grew very, very, old and catslapped ange. Angie fell, bleeding, then ate everyone with her zombie, completely heterosexual boyfriend who ate her in one bite.
But than a chupacabra awoke today. Creamcheese was everywhere because of the alpackas that were….(CUT OFF)
"One day a small little boy electroencephalographically contracted pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis", said Sherman, licking an ice-cream cone of bloody corpses that were living of zombie head crabs. They were really obnoxious about the cornballs that rained mystical alchemy spells that exploded from Heaven and Hell...
25 cent fun. "Lalala", said LlamaMan. Then he stabbed the explosive dynamite and exploded into FLOWER SUNSHINE POWER WHILE USING SPLASH. Nothing happened, but the poisoned urine forever stained the carpet of the hammer and nail of the world's strongest Magikarp.
USE Mexican hat dancing!
Then the elf ate a shelf all by himself and vomited a very fuzzy chinchilla made of heterosexual assassin bunnies that all had radioactive MUFFIN PIPE BOMBS that Jando ate. Then Jando imploded. The dog laughed due to chemotherapy but died instantaneously because of a flying cat syndrome.
When will this Stop? So we are going to dance like chimpanzees.

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PostSubject: Re: 3 Word Story   

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3 Word Story
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