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 The poems!!!!

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Choco' Chip
Choco' Chip

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PostSubject: The poems!!!!   Mon Nov 17, 2008 7:21 am

Write simple poems, stories and such, got this idea from jando as well as sleepywood, doesnt have to be long, just meaningful, i ask that shen delete anything that gets off topic, and that this is pulled into perhaps a serious topic/thread

Jasmine (By jando)
I woke up,
And there I saw her,
That girl,
That lovely smile,
That warm feel that she bought with her into the room.
Was she an angel?
Or just someone walking past?
This is what i ask myself everytime i wake up...

Heart Of Torture (By Kish)
I stood there,
I gazed into her sobbing eyes, speechless...
I called her name,
But no words came out, I looked down, i had lost her...
The only girl I had ever loved, And she was gone... Never to come back...
I looked up, i saw her beautiful hair as she was running from the store,
Tears ruining the make-up on her face...
I looked at her work on the table, she had been working on that sculpture almost three years now...
And i ruined it

Strength of Love (By jando -again-)
I held her, she was dripping with blood
I was scared...
I didn't know what i did or what I had become,
I felt stronger as some sort of power ran through my veins, was it love?
Or just her being here in my arms ready to kill for me for my protecting?
She had me and I had here and together we were unstopable...
Before that day, I held her scroll with words of magic inscribed onto it,
She took it and infused with it then she was gone, I lost her.... Forever....

Post what you think or any other poems/stories below...
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Choco' Chip
Choco' Chip

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PostSubject: Re: The poems!!!!   Mon Nov 17, 2008 7:33 am

Drk love

By day, she was god, by night she was mine,
She served the lord and my heart,
She rose the death, and healed the sick,
All i could is make her forgive my sins....
She loved me though and I loved her,
No other man could take her away....
Her mighty dragon was powerful and so was she,
I wasnt worthy of her....
but i am gratful that she worthy's me
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The poems!!!!
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