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 Go Go Power Rangers

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PostSubject: Go Go Power Rangers   Wed Oct 27, 2010 7:05 am

Video of the Week is here. After having to much fun with my new laptop I've decided to actually start making video's again. And what better day to make them when Mab is in maintenance. Footage was recorded when I was helping a guildie finish g1 and I was stuck soloing Glas. Which was fun since he couldn't fit through the door...then I was like 'screw this, lets just Spear of light this thing' and it was a ohko of whatever was left from my lolmags.

Song comes from the ever so talented Burn7 from newgrounds where I get all my music which you can find here: B7 - Power Rangers Ultimate

From the first time I heard it I knew I had to use it for this video. Well after spending like an hour and just doing random effects, making some climax's here and there I made this. Now I have to go write this stupid oral before my teacher goes and shoots me. Its due tomorrow and I haven't even started....blarg....

Notice: Light and Dark are like on hold since all the stuff is on my old crappy laptop which lags like a mofo and the video files recorded with the good ol' mab recorder makes my Sony Vegas vomit....well it just doesn't like eating them. They work on the old one but when I tried to fix it on the new laptop it well didn't fraps is what I have to use now, but atleast its awesome pro HD sauce fraps instead of the other version I was using....

Next week Video: I don't know...maybe something with r1 magnum and smash
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Go Go Power Rangers
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